Jun 7, 2016

Last Thursday, I had my hip MRI arthrogram.  Before the actual scan, I was taken to Radiology, and the doctor injected a combination of saline, adrenaline, two types of contrast, and long-acting lidocaine all into my left hip joint.  The needle was very long! :O  They used long-acting lidocaine because they said that contrast really upsets the hip joint a couple days after the MRI.  The numbing medication took away my hip pain completely which was so nice. 🙂  Sadly, after it wore off on Friday, the pain has since doubled, and I can’t move my leg well at all. :/


Yesterday, I saw my Orthopedics dr. to go over the results.  It’s not good news. 🙁  Now we know why I have hip pain!  I have a labral tear (the labrum lines the hip socket and acts as a joint protector/stabilizer and shock absorber), degeneration from the tear, and an area of chondromalacia (cartilage damage/softening).


He referred me to a hip surgeon to figure out the best plan.  He reiterated that any type of hip surgery would not be easy to go through, especially since I have so many medical conditions, but I really hope this can be repaired because the pain is bad!  So we’ll see what the surgeon wants to do.  They’re trying to get me in this Friday, but if that doesn’t work, I can’t see her until July 11th. 🙁  Please pray that I can see her this week!  July 11th seems so far away. 🙁  If the appointment can’t be until next month, I’ll be getting a hip steroid injection in the meantime to decrease the pain and inflammation.


On Thursday the 16th, my parents and I are heading up to Seattle!  The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation national symposium will be in Seattle from June 16-18.  It’s usually on the East coast, so we’re excited to be able to go for the first time!  There will be lectures, times to meet other families, and even a banquet for both the doctors and families to attend! 🙂


On the 20th, I get to see my favorite doctor (my pain dr.) at the UWMC pain clinic again.  So much has happened since I last saw him in February.  I hope to get his opinion on a long-acting pain medication that my palliative care dr. wants to put me on.  After I see him, the plan is to head home!


I’ll hopefully blog again in a couple of weeks. 🙂  Thank you for checking in!





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