Dec 3, 2013

Hellooooo from Ohio!! 🙂  Thank you so much for your prayers!  I so appreciate all of you!  I’m afraid this will have to be quick since I have a long day tomorrow.

My parents and I made it to Cincinnati safely. 🙂  My mom and I were blessed to fly first class (thanks to mercy medical airlift!), but we didn’t get that much rest because it was a red-eye..  So we’re all super tired!

Right when we arrived in Cincy, I had to head straight to CCHMC for my first GI motility appointment.  It went very well! 🙂  The dr. walked us through the extensive GI plan for this week.  The team is so thorough!

Right after my pulmonary medicine appointment tomorrow morning, I’ll be getting admitted to the hospital for at least a few days.  They’re going to insert an NG tube to “clean me out” for the tests. 😉  I won’t be able to eat Tuesday and Wednesday!  On Wednesday, I’ll be taken to the OR where Dr. K will scope my GI system and take biopsies of my esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine.  This will be done under general anesthesia, and since I am prone to malignant hyperthermia (my exome sequencing shows I have a positive gene mutation for this condition), GI put in an order for a consult with Anesthesia.  On Thursday, Dr. K will start esophageal, antro-duodenal, and colonic manometry testing.  That’s a mouth full!

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  • !!! Glad to hear you made it safely! I'll be praying for all the appointments, sounds like you got quite a busy week ahead of you! =P

  • Thank you!!:) Yeah, I'm super tired already!! It feels like I've been here forever and not just one day! lol 😉

    How's everything going with you? 🙂

  • Haha forever in one daY?! That's a long time =P

    Things are going pretty good. I had a 12 minute skit i had to prepare and present with a group the other day, which I always get nervous for. But thank God it's over with hah! But God's been really good, just doing Pt, and working at a Gym, and trying to pass school!

    Also randomly, well not random, i always read luke 18. cause its the best and has the parable of the persistent widow. But ussually when I read it I always think about the NIV version were it says "Pray and not give up.", Recently I read it in the ESV and it said "Pray and not lose heart". Not sure if this helps you in anyway, but I always knew never to give up praying. But this was a reminder not to lose heart and to keep trusting that God can do anything = ).

  • Yeah, speeches are never fun! Glad yours is over with! 🙂 Got discharged from the hospital earlier today. GI testing is all over with! Now I just have outpatient appointments. 🙂 I heard it's pretty cold in oregon! It might be snowing over here tomorrow… That passage from Luke 18 is awesome! Prayer is powerful!

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