Oct 4, 2012

Yesterday went so well! 🙂  This is actually kinda funny…I did see my pain dr. yesterday, but it wasn’t an “official” appointment like I thought it was going to be.  I learned that if I ever need to see a St. Jude rep, the pain center has to book a room under my doctor’s schedule which is why it showed on MyChart that I was gonna have an “appointment” with him. 😉  Anyway, I did see my pain dr. for a few minutes because I wanted him to check the area next to my SCS anchors where I had the spinal tap.  It’s been bothering me the past couple days, and I thought it was getting swollen, but my pain dr. thinks it looks fine.  He said the area probably got irritated after the tap because it was done so close to my anchors.  So I stuck a Lidoderm patch over the bump, and it seems to have helped! 🙂

PT was great!  My therapist did a very long assessment and spent about an hour and ten minutes with me! 🙂  After my appointment, he said he was gonna try and catch my pain dr. during the lunch hour and speak with him about all that he found.  My leg is soo weak and has atrophied.  I also have decreased sensation on the whole left side of my body.  He said I should hear from him by Friday about what’s next.

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