Dec 4, 2013

Hi guys!

So sorry I didn’t blog yesterday.  It was a super busy day, getting my first pulmonary function test to check lung function/strength, seeing the sleep docs, going through the whole admitting process, and a whole lot more.  I wanted to post pics, but Blogger is giving me trouble once again…so pictures may never come until I get 😛

The NG tube in my nose finally got removed this morning!  *sigh of relief*  It was so miserable with it in—every time I swallowed or spoke, the tube moved around way too much and made my throat really sore.  The nurse had to tape the tube down three times!

At 3:30 today, I’ll be taken to the OR for the extensive procedures.  You want to hear a cool fact?  Because I’m prone to malignant hyperthermia, the anesthesiologists in the OR will use this machine and filter out the “bad” general anesthetics that are known to cause reactions to MH. 🙂  Very fascinating!

In other news, the Ronald McDonald House across the street from CCHMC called and said they have a room for us!  It’s so nice that I’m still of age to stay there even though I’m not a teen anymore.. 😉  Now we get to stay there until we leave to return home! 🙂  Thank you, Lord, for your many blessings!

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