Sep 17, 2013
In honor of this special week across the globe, I’m going to try blogging every day through Friday. 🙂  Today I want to share some basic facts about mitochondrial disease!
Here are just some of the many symptoms:
1. More kids die from mitochondrial disease than from pediatric cancer.  Shocking but true!  Now that my eyes and ears are opened, I hear so many news stories and articles of kids and adults fighting this terrible disorder.
2. There are 44 different variations of mitochondrial disease.  This makes diagnosing difficult and challenging.  To make matters worse, there are so few mitochondrial specialists in the nation.  Patients often go undiagnosed for years.
3. Every 15 minutes a child is born they will develop some type of Mito Disease by the age 10.
4. The following are some of the symptoms that I experience: fatigue, migraines, nystagmus, drooping eyelids, tremors, dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, chronic nerve pain, G.I. issues, problems with sleep, muscle weakness and atrophy, exercise intolerance, tinnitus, hypermobility, nausea, etc.
Tomorrow I will be blogging about how I first got started on this mito journey!  Many of you probably don’t know what happened to me around this time one year ago…
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