Oct 17, 2013

Thank you, all, for your prayers this morning!!  My lumbar puncture is now behind me!  God is so good!  Everything went extremely well, even better than I was expecting—my pain dr.’s awesome and so funny.  He sees countless patients, yet he still remembers my full name and birth date/year.  I found out today that my birthday is 8 days after his. 🙂  You want to know something else funny?  We both have double letters in our first and middle names!

The procedure hardly hurt at all!  Can you believe it?  Maybe it’s because he’s an anesthesiologist (my first spinal tap last year was done by a radiologist, and it was oh so painful)… 

Dr. S drew 5 tubes of cerebrospinal fluid, and he used the smallest needle to decrease the risk of a post-dural puncture headache.  Because the needle was so tiny, the fluid only came out one drop at a time. The flow got slower by the minute, so he asked the nurse to tip the table a little bit. 😉  Not sure when I’ll get results back because one of the labs needed is so specialized—the laboratory told him they’re going to try and figure it out.  Haha!

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