May 7, 2015

Hi guys,

Just wanted to check in and let you know that I’m hanging in there!  Haven’t posted an update in a while because I’m waiting to hear from my hematology doctor again….he called last week and wanted me to keep a record of my fevers every 2 hours so that he can look at the pattern and decide on further work-up.  He plans to touch bases with me on Friday..  Not going to go into details yet, but something new is going on as well and it doesn’t seem very good.

Last week, I finished my 5th IV iron infusion….now we watch and see how my blood counts do.  I’ll also be getting my copper level checked again in a couple of weeks to see if I’m still deficient.

Still not tolerating tube feeds or solid food, so I continue to remain on IV nutrition.  I will be trying a “blended real food” tube feeds formula soon to see if I can tolerate that.  The elemental formula I’m currently on is even more broken down than the blended food formula, so we’re not sure how this will go..

I saw the pain team this afternoon.  I’ve been dealing with bad headaches every day, and the CRPS nerve pain in my feet is worse because of not feeling well.  So they came up with a good plan. 🙂  I will be increasing one of my pain meds to twice a day, and if that doesn’t help, they’ll have me try a different narcotic analgesic—it’s safe, non-addicting, and would be given at a very small dose. 🙂  Thankful for my doctors!  They’re so sweet and always decide on the best and safest route for me!

P.S. My etsy shop ( hit 105 sales this week!!! 😀  And I’m currently putting together a custom order for someone which will be my 106th and 107th sale. :o)  I love making jewelry for people. <3

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