Oct 2, 2012

Okay, everyone, more waiting to do.. haha 😉  Actually, I’m getting kinda used to it.  Anyway, I saw my pain dr. this morning bright and early!  Aside from the ptosis (drooping eyelid), there’s a possibility that the headache and leg weakness could be CRPS-related, but he has to think about that more..

I’m one of 3 CRPS groups:

1. a person who gets CRPS but goes into remission (e.g., they can say they had CRPS)

2. a person who gets CRPS in, say, the foot, and it stays there and doesn’t spread at all

3. a person who gets CRPS and it becomes a whole-body spread (e.g., from the right foot, to the other foot, to the left hand, to the arm, to the back, etc.)

Can you guess which group I’m in? 😉

You got it!  I’m group #3!

Soo, there very well could be some direct correlations..  But, as I said, he’ll need to think more on that the next few days..

I see the neurologist this Friday, and hopefully I know for sure then whether I have Myasthenia Gravis or not.  Although my electromyogram study which can test for MG was perfectly normal, the Acetylcholine Receptor Antibodies blood test I had done in the hospital came back slightly positive (the lab they sent it to sometimes gives false positive results for some reason), so they redid the test and sent it to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.  Isn’t that cool?

Oh yes, I start physical therapy on Wednesday so that will be good! 🙂  I gotta get rid of these crutches!

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