Nov 1, 2012

My appointment with my new neurologist went really well. 🙂  She’s super nice and funny, too.  She was very amused at my hypermobile joints.  And, she couldn’t get over that I’m 84 lbs, so she went to go have me weighed. haha 😉

Anyway, on to business.  Have to do a little more waiting…  She never received my EMG results or all the lab work that I had done in the hospital, so she wants to look those over first and decide if I need more blood work to rule out mitochondrial or inflammatory diseases.  I hope I don’t cuz my bruises from the IVs and all the blood draws I had done in September just now finally disappeared..  And, I never fully recovered after being jabbed with needles every day…. jk. 😉  If she doesn’t think more blood work is necessary, then she’ll talk with my pain dr. because she wants me to get some MRIs of my brain and spine.

I should hear what’s next real soon! 🙂

On Monday, I have another appointment with one of my orthopaedics drs. because my subluxating shoulder is getting worse.  It hurts so bad, and something inside feels really stretched or torn..

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