Sep 3, 2012

For all who are with us on this incredible journey, we cling to your love and prayers. According to doctors, Liam’s time on Earth may be nearing a close. Liam is very tired of being confined to that bed and is ready to soar…..and you need wings to be able to do that. Please pray for comfort, peace, and divine wisdom. Whatever the Earthly outcome, we know that God is with him. Please pray for the miracle we call Liam. Roar and soar little cub! -from Liam’s facebook page

Little Liam, you are an amazing fighter.  Even tho’ I don’t know you personally, I’ve followed your journey for so long now.  My heart is breaking, but we’ll be so happy for you whether you stay here on earth or soar to heaven.  We love you.

Post written byKerissa

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