Apr 21, 2012

Hi, guys!

As promised, here’s just a quick little update.  Still waiting for my dr. to look over the results, but I did get a chance to see them today!  The cardiologist said all looks normal, but some of the structures couldn’t be visualized very well for some reason, so I’m not sure what that means yet…  I hope to talk with my dr. about all this next week.  The chest pain, irregular heart beat, and tachycardia still hasn’t been resolved yet, so I’m praying all this can still be looked into in the future.  I will keep giving little updates about everything!

Thank you for your prayers!  The echo was SO fascinating!  I loved watching the screen and seeing my heart in so many different views. 🙂  God truly is full of wisdom in creating such an amazing organ!

Till next time!


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