Jan 13, 2013

Thank you everyone for your love and support!  I can tell you are praying cuz my fever broke last night. 🙂  The ambulance ended up taking me to OHSU yesterday cuz my heart rate was so high from my condition POTS, I was dizzy, and my fever was 103 even with Aleve.  They gave me lots of fever medication and an anti-viral called Tamiflu.  Oh yes, I tested positive for Influenza B.  Not fun at all.  The doctors and nurses said I’m one of their sicker patients..  I had 2 EKGs, 4 chest x-rays, and lots of blood work. They wanted to check my lactic acid levels, heart enzymes (since they said I was having sinus tachycardia), and inflammation in my body.  My oxygen sats keep dropping even tho they are giving me oxygen through a tube.  My sats dropped to 77 one time (it should stay at 100) and the alarm went off…that was a little scary.  I’m currently in the observation unit in the ER.  Everytime I stay here, The Bourne Identity is always on TV…now whenever I watch it, it brings back bad memories. 😉  Waiting for the doctors right now…  If they want me to still stay at the hospital, then I’ll be admitted to a “real” room.  I’ll keep ya updated!

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