Sep 17, 2012

So exhausted.  Since Saturday morning, I’ve gotten like 1 hour of sleep!!  My pain dr. and spine surgeon’s resident dr. on call told me I’d better go to the ER again yesterday.  I was in the ER for about 12 hours!!  Didn’t get my own room till 3 am in the morning.  I ended up staying the night on the neurology floor at the hospital.  Never knew I’d have to get so many diagnostic tests in only one day!  And to my great surprise, I had to get 4 CT scans, 2 on Friday and 2 on Saturday….!! 🙁  I also had to get 2 chest x-rays….a urinalysis….3 neuro exams….2 IVs in my right arm….and, if I’m correct (I kinda lost count ;), 13 tubes of blood drawn!!  I think my right arm has just about had it!  I don’t think it can take anymore trauma, and I was afraid the CRPS was gonna spread there!  As I read what I just typed, I see that the Lord sustained me through EVERYTHING. 🙂  I couldn’t have made it through the weekend without Him!  The next few weeks are probably gonna be tough ones…  I see the orthopaedics spine surgeon tomorrow, my eye is still drooping, my headache’s still there, and recently, my whole left side of my body has become weak and “lazy.”  My neurologists are really hoping I don’t have something called Myesthenia Gravis where basically my nervous system gets attacked. 🙁  That’s bad.  And I have to wait about 2 weeks till I hear the results of this important blood test I had which will show whether I have MG or not!  Please please pray that this is not what’s going on.  And I have to admit, I’m a little nervous and scared.  But I just have to remember that I’m in the Lord’s hands.  This weekend has kinda been a blur, but I have to say, if all this didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have met such amazing people who cared for me in the hospital! 🙂  Plus, it was super fun seeing my pain dr. 2 days in a row!  In his own words, his second visit today in my room was kinda like a “social visit.”  That made my day! 🙂

Thank you so much again for your prayers!  You are an encouragement to me! 🙂

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