Jan 9, 2013

First blog post of the new year! 🙂  Here’s just a little update:

Tomorrow I have my somatosensory and auditory evoked potential EEGs from 8 am-12 pm.  Let’s just say I’m not really looking forward to leaving the house at 6:50 in the morning and spending 4 hours with electrodes on my scalp and extremities.  It should be quite an experience!  Hopefully this may give us some answers. 🙂

I’ve been so exhausted from dealing with POTS and not sleeping well at all cuz my feet are going through a painful CRPS flare.  I’ve been getting shiny skin and red blister-like spots on my toes which aren’t good CRPS signs at all.  Waiting to hear from my pain dr. about all this..

Thursday my neurologist will be doing an electromyogram study on my left leg, and on Friday, I have my lumbosacral plexus MRI.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

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