Jul 2, 2012

Yesterday, my sis, younger brother, and I went swimming at the Conestoga rec center. 🙂  It was a really fun time, considering that I haven’t been able to swim since around 2009 because of being on crutches.  When we went to the beach the past two years, I could only watch my siblings swim.  I yearned to be in the water with them!  So yesterday afternoon, we were all free and took advantage of the pretty humid weather by going to the open swim!  I managed pretty well, but once I got home, things went downhill after that. 🙁  My ankles/feet started aching, and the CRPS began to act up.  It took a while to go to sleep, and I wasn’t even sure if I would go to church this morning.  I wanted to because of the joy of sitting at Jesus’ feet, but a little ways into Biblical economics class, my left arm started throbbing severely.  It was horrible.  I had to focus on breathing slowly.  My arm changed to the color purple and went back and forth to being hot and cold.  I silently wished I didn’t end up coming to church.  It was that bad!  I sent a message to my pain dr. and I hope he gets back tomorrow.

I didn’t think this would have happened!  I keep thinking, Was the water too rough on my arm/nervous system??  But I thought swimming was considered therapeutic.. 🙁  This has been hard but I trust that Christ knows best in this.  On the up side, these episodes always remind me to depend on Him and not on my own strength. 🙂  I think that’s why I go through these!  I just wish they didn’t always happen when I was doing so well!  My physical therapist has even been trying to “get me out” of rehab.  So much for that now. 😉  This past week, I read Psalm 125 and even someone from Bible study on Tuesday shared this passage.  God knew this event was gonna happen and He was preparing me with this psalm.  What a great comfort vs. 1 is!

“Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, 
which cannot be moved, but abides forever.”

See, not even this set-back can move me!  Isn’t that amazing? 🙂  So whatever happens in the future, as long as I trust in the Lord, I will NOT be moved.  Thank you, Jesus!

Stay tuned for my July 8th post in honor of my 2-year anniversary since the foot surgery that started this whole dreadful business. 😉

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