Aug 13, 2012

Well, it looks like I am after all having that stellate ganglion nerve block this Wednesday at 11:30!!!  I’m actually looking forward to it now cuz my left hand isn’t doing well at all in this heat we’ve been having.  My hand swells up, so the swelling pushes and presses on my nerves which hurts so bad!  I’d really appreciate your prayers for this block.  Even with ultrasound and fluoroscopy, some past ones I’ve had weren’t successful at all.  Pray that my pain dr. will be able to easily locate the stellate ganglion nerve bundle and not accidentally hit with the long needle any arteries and structures in my neck..  I’m a pretty challenging case cuz I’m small…  But I’m thankful I can head into the procedure room with Jesus holding me. 🙂

“In these hard times, 
It’s not in what you hold onto.
It’s in the One who’s holding you tonight.”
-“Holding You” by Matt Hammitt

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  • It's great that you continue to live in hope despite of CRPS. It's not always that easy but that's what you have to do. There is a growing community of people and doctors who are doing their best to help and come up with a cure.

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