Jan 15, 2013

Yesterday afternoon, I got discharged from the ER. 🙂  My breathing and heart rate is much better than before, and my fever’s still gone which I’m very thankful for.  They put me on a 10-day course of Tamiflu, an anti-viral med.

Any kind of illness can exacerbate the CRPS, and to my great dismay, the flu did just that. 🙁  My hands and feet are now swollen and oh so painful.  I now walk twice as slow, and I never could walk fast in the first place cuz of my weak leg.  Praying I can get squeezed in to see my pain dr. this week..

Until next time!

P.S.  Please stay well, everyone!  I learned in the hospital that the flu shot only protects one from Influenza A, not B (which is what I have).

Post written byKerissa

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