Jan 29, 2013

On January 20th, someone from my dear church family (I have yet to meet her, too!) blessed me with the most beautiful, handmade quilt in my favorite colors!!  Words cannot express the joy this gift gave me!  My sweet brothers and sisters-in-Christ have been so supportive and encouraging.  It’s definitely these things in life that keep me going!  Many have asked to see the quilt, so I had my brother take some pics. 🙂

this quilt is huge.


flowers and leaves were stitched all over!  isn’t that amazing?


On Wednesday, I have my bilateral lumbar sympathetic blocks.  Your prayers would be appreciated! 🙂  The post-op pain in the low back can get pretty bad.  But I am looking forward to pain relief in my feet!

My right shoulder is doing poorly.  I have an abnormal scapulothoracic rhythm (?) with a shoulder impingement from the instability.  Everything’s still being worked on in physical therapy, but it sometimes seems like my joints are just getting looser!

P.S. I hope you like my new blogspot background! =)

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