Jan 12, 2013

Well, this has been fun…just kidding.  This past Sunday, my mom came down with a fever and body aches, and she still has a low-grade one even today.  I had 6 appointments this past week (none of which my mom was able to go to, so my sweet older brother and sister took me to all of them), and let me tell you, I never want to schedule 6 in one week again.  Wednesday’s was from 8-12 pm, and yesterday’s was at 5:30-6-30 in the evening!  I’m so exhausted.  My little brother came down with a cold, too.  *sigh*

So this morning, I came down with a sore throat, a cold, and a fever of 101.3.  In addition to all that, I’m dealing with nystagmus again, and last night in bed, my heart rate was over 120 from the POTS, and I couldn’t lower it at all.  My headache’s so bad, and my feet hurt from the CRPS.  My sis, too, came down this morning with a high fever of 102.2! x[  *groan*

I’d just appreciate your prayers that we will all be able to get over this soon.  This has been a stressful week, and this coming Tuesday, I have an appointment with one of my doctors and I really don’t want to cancel it.

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