Feb 1, 2021

Hi friends,


I would really appreciate your prayers.


It’s been a hard past several weeks.  I’ve been experiencing severe leg pain every day (especially at night….I’m not able to fall asleep until after 3 AM every night).  We thought it was due to my ferritin being low, so my GI specialist ordered 2 IV iron infusions.


But then, after looking at my weekly lab work, we saw that my blood calcium level has been continuing to drop (this is called hypocalcemia).  Hypocalcemia causes “neuromuscular irritability,” so my legs have been aching horribly. 😔  We’re not sure if this is due to progression of the hypoparathyroidism that I have (which is caused by my mitochondrial disease and Wilson’s Disease), so I have to get more blood work done.


I’m already on high doses of calcium every day, so my endocrinologist is having me increase a medication that I take called Calcitriol.  She’s also ordering an IV calcium infusion.  But it has to get authorized by my insurance first.  Could you pray that my insurance will authorize it quickly?  It’s so hard to wait because of how bad the pain is. :’(


On top of this, I’ve also been experiencing really bad pain in both of my wrists and the thumb-side of my hands.  I haven’t been able to hand letter, and I really miss it (the lettering pieces you may have seen me post are all older ones that I’ve saved). :’(  My hand therapist is having me wear these hand splints that she made for me.  She thinks she knows what’s going on, but I do see the orthopedic hand surgeon on February 9th to get an official diagnosis.  As you can see, it’s been really hard to have all this new pain on top of my regular chronic pain (small fiber neuropathy, headaches/migraines, back muscle spasms, etc.).


I read this verse the other day from Psalm 37:5.  It says, “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.”  Just 2 verses later, it also says to “be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him.”


God tells us He WILL act for those who wait for Him (Isaiah 64:4).  I need to wait patiently, but it’s easier said than done—and it’s hard.  So very hard to deal with one thing after another.  I know I used the word “hard” so many times.  That’s because it is….but I remember all that’s happening is another test of faith.  And I want to persevere and remain “steadfast under trial” (James 1:12).  As I wait for things to start looking up, God will continue to sustain me minute by minute. ❤️  Thank you so much for praying for me.  I will definitely update when we know more!


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