Sep 10, 2012

Thank you so much, everyone, for your prayers! 🙂  This past week was really hard.  Let’s just say all that happened reminded me once again to fully depend on God and not on man.  I’ve had to turn to Christ because there was no one else to turn to!  Friends, when all is going “wrong” in your life, turn to the Lord for help.  He does not disappoint!

Last night, everyone went to bed really early, but once again, I couldn’t fall asleep.  My hand was hurting, and the base of my skull felt horrible.  So, after trying to get to sleep for about 2 hours, I decided to head downstairs.  I turned on the lamp and read my Bible on our couch in the living room.  I’m going through the book of Job, so chapter 15 was next.  It was about Eliphaz accusing Job and saying that Job doesn’t fear God.  Haha, now, that wasn’t what I wanted to read for comfort, so I closed my Bible and asked God, “Show me what You want me to read.”  The first thing my eye landed on when I opened the pages again was, “The Lord promises peace.”  Isn’t that awesome? 🙂  God is good!  It’s like He wanted me to remember that in the night.

This is what I read: “Thus says the Lord who made the earth, the Lord who formed it to establish it—the Lord is his name: Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” (Jeremiah 33:2-3)

I meditated on those two verses before trying to go back to bed.  And, you know what?  I was able to get to sleep that night! 🙂

This morning, we found out that my pain dr. is not in the clinic today. 🙁  Not sure why….he could be sick or maybe he teaches on Mondays since he’s a professor, too, at the hospital..  Still don’t feel good.  And I almost wanted to go to urgent care Friday night, but the dr. on call at the pain center said they would probably just admit me as a patient to the hospital and run some tests since clinics are closed on weekends.  Soo, I didn’t want to do that yet..

I’ll keep you posted!  Thank you again for your support on this journey!

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  • Kerissa – God will reward you for your humble, teachable spirit. Part of His reward is His grace to help you endure, to know His pleasure and experience His comforting presence in your life. – Joel

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