Sep 13, 2012

Today is a special day.  One year ago, on September 13, 2011, I had my spinal cord stimulator implant surgery! 🙂  One of the best days of my life.  I’m so thankful to God that this neurostimulation has helped the CRPS pain in my feet all these past months.  It’s been such a blessing!

This is my pain dr. and me. 🙂  I’ve known him for one and a half years now!  He’s the best!  We’ve laughed together, joked together, and been through joyous times and tough times.  He has a real compassion for those in pain and tries to do all that he can to help others.  My case has been so crazy and challenging, but he has stuck with me all these months!

4 days till I see the spine surgeon! 🙂  You want to hear something funny?  Yesterday, I saw a physical medicine and rehabilitation dr.  With him was someone taking notes.  And guess what, that person told me he has EDS, too!!  That really surprised me, but it makes sense because he’s short like me!  You’re probably thinking, how does that make sense?  Well, I found out that people with EDS are short….no joke. 😉  Pretty interesting!  At least I now have a real reason as to why I’m the shortest in my family. 😀

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