Apr 8, 2013

My parents, sister, and I leave for Cincinnati, Ohio in approximately 5 days!!!  Sooo glad.  Looking back, I know I wouldn’t have made it to April 13th without God’s grace.  I’m so so thankful my appointments are just around the corner.  As much as I don’t want to admit it, my health seems to be declining. 🙁  My left leg weakness is getting worse, I’m having uncontrollable eye movements more often, my muscle jerking is getting pretty severe all over, and this fatigue is just plain awful.  All that on top of headaches every day makes me pretty miserable.  I’m so tired all the time, and I wake up late every day.  Because of that, I sometimes don’t have breakfast or lunch, depending on what I want to eat. 😉  And soon after I wake up, my eyes start stinging which makes me want to go back to sleep!

Anyway, our flight leaves on Saturday morning bright and early at 6 am!  We have a layover in Salt Lake City but will arrive in Ohio as early as 3 in the afternoon. 🙂  Hopefully we’ll know by Sunday whether there’s a room available at the Ronald McDonald House which is just across the street from Cincinnati Children’s. 🙂

*I see Genetics on Monday the 15th, then Neurology (4/16), and lastly, Pain Management (4/17).  Each appointment is over 2 hours long!  Thursday and Friday (4/18-19) is left open in case the doctors order more tests or refer me to other departments.*

Love this song by Jeremy Camp because it really inspires me to keep walking this journey for God’s glory.  My prayer going into this next step is that, whether the doctors give me a new diagnosis or no diagnosis yet, God will be praised and honored.

 “Reign In Me”

I have seen so many teardrops
Fall to the ground
I’ve held the hand of God’s children
Once lost and now found

I have walked it and I know
That my King is alive

And no other one
Has the love You provide

I want all who I meet
To see You through me

I want all that I speak to be You

If there’s anything that I would pray
It’s that the whole world would seek Your face
And in spite of who I can be
Please reign in me
Reign in me

I know it starts with the desire
To give You control
To lay down all my dreams
So You have my heart in full

Lord I know this weary battle
It begins on my knees
In everything I want You to be pleased

I can see the waters rising
I can hear the hearts reviving
Through You there’s nothing we can’t do

Let’s carry the people crying
And be a generation fighting
To lead the lost into Your hands

If there’s anything that I would pray
It’s that the whole world would seek Your face
And in spite of who I can be
Please reign in me, oh yeah
Reign in me, yeah
Reign in me, yeah

Reign in me, reign in me
(In my heart, in my mind, in my soul
Be the Lord of my life, take control)


P.S. Stay tuned! 😉  I’ll try to blog every day while I’m there and post pictures with each update. 😀
Post written byKerissa

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