May 29, 2015

Hey guys!

On Tuesday, I saw the neurologist at Randall Children’s.  She’s the doctor who went through a year long mitochondrial medicine fellowship up in Seattle.  It was a good appointment, and she’s really nice. 🙂  I’m so blessed to now have a doctor who will take care of all my mito issues locally.

I mentioned that I’ve been dealing with worsening myoclonus (muscle jerking)—it can be brainstem related, spinal-cord related, or from the muscles.  It could also be from seizures.  So she went ahead and ordered a standard 30 minute EEG which is scheduled for June 11th.  If it’s normal (it often is because it’s such a short study), she’ll look in to admitting me for a longer EEG at the hospital.

She’s also going to write up an ER protocol letter for whenever I have a “mito crash.”  She’ll explain what type of IV fluids I should receive, what meds to stay away from, etc.  I’m sure the letter will be really helpful for the ER doctors!

Today I saw my GI specialist.  He’s going to decrease the TPN fluid volume/calories again because the amount I’m currently receiving is still too rough on my neurogenic bladder, and I’m now at a good weight. 🙂  If I start losing weight again, then he said we’ll have to go back up on the TPN.  We also discussed how I may not be able to get off of it if the stomach/intestinal issues don’t improve.. 🙁

In one and a half weeks, I have my 3rd sleep study and 1st multiple sleep latency test.  The exhaustion has just been getting worse. 🙁

In other news, we leave for San Diego in 23 days!!

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  • You are in my prayers, even now, dearest Kerissa. Your beautiful faith in the Lord Jesus is a great encouragement to those who know you! Thank you for that. You will continue in my prayers.
    Trusting the Lord with you–with love, Mrs. J xo 🙂

  • I'm trying to figure out which Mrs. J this is, but which ever one you are (I think I know!), thank you for your encouraging words. 🙂 It's a huge blessing to me to have friends and family who continue to pray! Love, Kerissa

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