Nov 16, 2012

Cici, this post is for you and all your roommates (Sarah, Cara, Kate, Allie, Greta, Arcy, Sree, Meredith, Amber, Micaela, Chelsea, Maggie, Sheri, and Anne-we totally need to meet sometime!) at Welmers Cottage at Hope College in Michigan!!!!  I couldn’t find you on facebook, Cici, so I’m dedicating this post to you and your dear friends. 🙂

I seriously cannot tell you enough how much joy your “box of awesome” gave me this afternoon!!!  Here’s proof that I smiled a ton:

Please forgive my drooping eyelid. 😉  Just know that you made me so happy and brought a smile to my face!!

All the goodies you gave me are my favorites!!!  And I’ve been treasuring each gift!  I’m so overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and love.  I’ll never forget this for years to come!!

Also, to my Southwest Hills family—Pastor Rick, Mrs. E, and everyone else—If you read this, I just wanted to thank you for the card and beautiful roses you blessed me with today.  The flowers are now sitting in our living room, being enjoyed by all in my family and in my direct view from where I sit everyday. 🙂
Aren’t these SOOOO pretty??? 🙂
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