Dec 16, 2014

Hi everyone,

We thought this week would have been my scheduled admission to the hospital since I haven’t tolerated glutamine, but we’re trying one last thing to re-mobilize my small intestine.  My GI specialist really wants to avoid TPN (he recently told us he has two critical patients in the hospital because of sepsis from being on IV nutrition).

I’m to take an antibiotic at a low dose for 10 days—this specific antibiotic can help the motility of the small intestine.  It doesn’t benefit everyone, but he just wants to exhaust all options.  If I don’t notice anything, then the plan is to get admitted to do a tube feeds trial and/or TPN (but it’s always possible he may think of another option..).  I’m still losing weight and feeling bad, so 10 days seems so long. 🙁  I just need to keep waiting on the Lord.  I know His timing is perfect.

Still gagging and coughing, too, especially at night.  It wakes me up from sleeping. 🙁  Very thankful for my sleep dr.  He even emails me back on the weekends or late at night (btw, he made Portland Monthly’s Top Doctors list for 2015 again! 🙂  He will be referring me to Pulmonology and also ordered overnight oxygen testing which will be hooked to my CPAP and done this week.

Today I saw my physical medicine specialist because I’ve been dealing with something called “foot drop” (can be seen with many neurological disorders).  It makes me trip when I walk around in our house.  He ordered an ankle-foot brace which is similar to the kinesio tape that my physical therapist used on me in the past.  It helped a lot, and I look forward to using the AFO brace!

My dr. also referred me to his colleague who is a foot and ankle surgeon.  Not planning to have foot surgery, but I’m not sure if the lymphangioma in the bottom of my foot (I had it surgically removed in 2010) grew back because the “bump” looks bigger to me and hurts a lot.  Dr. C isn’t sure what type of MRI would be good to order for this specific problem, so he is referring me.  Lots of appointments in the future! :/

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  • What can I say except that you radiate Jesus Christ with your life. Thank you for sharing your life with us. You are such an encouragement to so many! Jesus is glorified through your life and others are helped because you are willing to share your life and struggles. Prayers going heaven ward for you always!

  • Aw, Mrs. Lamotte, thank YOU for your encouragement! It always does me good! And I couldn't do this without you all!!

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