Jun 24, 2015

Hey guys,

Last week, I received my sleep study and EEG results!

Compared to my sleep study in 2013, things have worsened sleep apnea-wise.  The results show that I stop breathing an average of 17 times per hour.  No wonder I’m so tired. lol  The longest length of time that I didn’t breathe well was 50.6 seconds.  The sleep data also shows that my heart rate shoots up to 147 beats per minute multiple times throughout the night.  We’re not sure what causes that—I do see Cardiology next Wednesday.

My sleep dr. wants me to go back to the sleep lab.  He put in an order for CPAP settings to be calibrated and titrated to see if I can tolerate it better.  If not, he mentioned again that we may need to switch to BiPAP.  This 4th sleep study is scheduled for next Thursday, July 2nd.

My EEG results show something called brain wave “slowing.”  This is abnormal and can be caused by numerous things.  I hope to ask my mito specialist what this means in relation to the mitochondrial disease.  My neurologist said this may be partly why I experience cognitive issues.

I’ll be admitted again sometime in the future to get an overnight EEG completed.

Next month alone, I have a total of 14 appointments. 🙁  It will be busy!!  My parents and I also leave for San Diego next Saturday for my mitochondrial appt. on July 7th.

Lastly, we received my blood copper level back again.  It dropped even more which is not good. 🙁  My GI dr. is now having 6 times the normal amount of I.V. copper added to my TPN….that’s a lot!!

Thank you for checking in! 🙂

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