Jul 6, 2022

Hi, friends,

It’s been a little while since I shared a medical update. To recap, I’ve been experiencing buzzing in my right ear, and I lost the ability for my right eyeball to look to the right. I’ve also been dealing with nystagmus and migraines about every other day (sometimes every day). My pain doctor switched me to a different migraine injection, but so far, it’s not helping. I just haven’t been feeling well. 😔 After talking with my primary care doctor, we’re wondering if there’s a connection to all of these symptoms. In addition, he and my neuro-ophthalmologist noticed that my pupils are sluggish.

My PCP and I talked about a condition called Intracranial Hypertension. IH is due to high pressure in the brain which can cause many of these symptoms. So he ordered a brain MRI and an MRI of the IAC (internal auditory canal) which will be in a couple of weeks. He also wants me to see my neurologist at UW Medical Center up in Seattle. My neurologist is booked out until December (!!), but every Friday, he blocks off a certain amount of hours for urgent patients, so he is going to see me in the middle of August. I’m so thankful to God for this gift of an early appointment! We’re not sure if my neurologist knows enough about IH as he mainly specializes in neuromuscular disorders, but I know this is in God’s hands.

Thank you so much for praying for me! Love you all. ❤️

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