Dec 28, 2012

I had a great neurology appointment today!  Things are really moving along now. :o)  This is what’s on my plate the next few weeks.  She wants me to get another MRI, but this time it will be of my lumbosacral plexus nerves (isn’t that fun to say?). 😉  She also ordered another diagnostic test called a somatosensory evoked potentials test.  I don’t really know how that works but it involves something with the central nervous system.  Then, on Jan. 10th, I’ll be seeing her again for a second EMG study on my weak left leg.  She said my first one done in September was very extensive, but sometimes the results are normal because things may not show up until months later.  Dr. G is also gonna talk with my pain dr. again to talk about him possibly doing a procedure called a blood patch.  Sometimes, spinal taps cause CSF leakage (which then cause headaches), so she wants to see if a blood patch could help my headaches, even though I don’t have a classic “post-spinal” headache.  I’m thankful that Dr. G is so thorough!  She’s also referring me to a neuro-ophthalmologist at OHSU since I’m getting nystagmus more often which isn’t fun at all.  She highly praises her!

I’ll be updating in the future!  Don’t go away! 😉

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