Nov 13, 2013

Wonderful news—my Cincinnati trip this December is a go!!  Thanks be to God, the GI motility disorders team has fit me in on their schedule!  I’m SO happy. =)  Originally, this was thought to be impossible because they are booked out till mid-January and they could only see me if my GI dr. here did a hospital-to-hospital transfer.  But, 4 days ago I spent an unexpected weekend in the ER for severe esophagus pain and swallowing issues, and I lost another 2 pounds….  So my GI specialist here in Portland spoke to the Motility disorders medical director at Cincinnati Children’s regarding these worsening issues, and by the grace of God, Dr. K is squeezing me in on his schedule, and he already booked the OR for all the testing he wants to do.  Before I leave for Ohio, Dr. K wants me to have 4 or so additional GI tests done here before Thanksgiving.  This is gonna be a super busy 2 and a 1/2 weeks!!

This is the plan:

On Dec. 3, I first see Pulmonary Medicine.  After that appointment is the consult with Anesthesia (for the GI procedures), and then I see Neurology.

Wednesday through Friday (and possibly Saturday), Dr. K will do his extensive GI procedures, and I think they’re admitting me to the hospital for all of this.

Saturday evening (Dec. 7th) is my tentative 2nd sleep study.  Last night, I started CPAP for my sleep-disordered breathing, and if I don’t notice any benefit with CPAP, then the doctors at CCHMC will have me try BiPAP at this 2nd sleep study.

On Monday the 9th, I see Cardiology (consult for dysautonomia), and afterwards, I have an Orthopaedics appt. with the Spine Center for the chronic spine pain I’ve been dealing with.

Wednesday is my appointment with Human Genetics—I’ll be seeing their genetic counselor and mitochondrial disease specialist.

Thursday through Friday is left blank in case any of these doctors want additional testing..

And on Saturday, the plan is to head home! 🙂

Thanking the Lord for His goodness,


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