Sep 4, 2012

Liam has his wings and Heaven has a new angel, that bright shining star up above, Liam has changed us forever. Fly high baby boy – so many friends there waiting – until we see you again, Grandma Nanci said it best – we’re shattered. Your support has been overwhelming and we read many of your postings to him so he knew how much he was loved. We still BeLiEvE in Miracles.  -latest posting on Liam’s facebook page

There’s a hole in my heart now.  I’ve been blessed to follow his story for many months, and everyday I would have another reason to look forward to a new day.  Just by seeing his smiling face encouraged me in my trial to keep being strong in the pain. 

Today I’ve cried tears of joy and of sadness.  Tears of joy because this little 18-month old baby boy doesn’t have to suffer anymore.  His body will no longer be swollen from the HLHS.  He can learn how to walk and talk like other 18 month-olds, now that he has a new body in Heaven.  He doesn’t have to be confined to a hospital bed any longer.  

Even tho’ I don’t get to see new pictures and moments of your life anymore, I’m so happy for you, baby Liam. 🙂 You get to have lots of fun with Jesus!  And one day, I get to meet you!

-taken from his FB page-

Post written byKerissa

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