Sep 6, 2012

Feeling miserable right now, so please forgive me while I vent… 😉

  1. My left arm/hand really hurts, and I still haven’t heard back from my pain dr.  I have a feeling that he’s probably swamped since he just got back from vacation..
  2. I have had several canker sores in my mouth from the EDS so I have to stay away from citrus, vinegar, tomatoes, etc., which means I sometimes can’t eat what my family eats for meals..
  3. My neck, shoulders, and cervical spine are all feeling horrible from the cervical instability.
  4. Yesterday, I started getting a severe headache at the base of my skull, and it’s still not gone!  Waiting to hear back from my pain dr. about what to do for this..  I called my primary care doctor’s office about this, and the nurse mainly told me to go the ED if things don’t improve and to see what my pain dr. says.
  5. In addition to all this, I’m either dealing with bad hay fever or am starting to fight something…I have a feeling it’s allergies.  My eyes water and get dry, my throat itches, my nose runs, and I have some congestion.
  6. I sent a message to my pain dr. on Monday.  I didn’t hear from him.  So I called the pain center this morning, and the lady told me she’ll send a message to him to let him know that I’m waiting for a response, and I still haven’t heard from him which is so unusual cuz he always replies quickly!!

So now you can tell why I don’t feel good.  Plus, I haven’t been sleeping as well because of the CRPS pain and the headache.  They wake me up in the middle of the night!

If you think of it, please pray for me.  Your prayers would be greatly appreciated!  Hopefully my next post will be much happier.. 😉

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