Nov 21, 2012

Yayyyyy!!!  Last night, I emailed my pain dr. and asked him if I could at least know what’s gonna happen before Thanksgiving. 😉  I just received a reply from him!  He’s the best. 🙂  He told me he did speak with my neurologist today, and after discussing options together, they both agree that taking the SCS out would allow her to best sort out my issues with testing.  He spoke with a surgery coordinator, and he said he can likely take out my SCS on December 4th.  *gulp*  I have a lot to ask him cuz I’m gonna miss my stimulator so much.  “Can I have another one implanted later?”  “Can he just remove the IPG and leave the leads in?”  “What happens if the pain in my feet gets severe again?”  All I can say is, God is so faithful, and He will carry me through this next step.

Last week, my pain dr. discussed the explant surgery with me.  I’m gonna have 2 more incisions on my back..  That will be 4 total so far!!  Thankfully, he said the post-op pain is nothing like an implant surgery. 🙂

Thank you so much for your prayers and love!!  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!! 🙂

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