Aug 16, 2013

God is sooo good!  When I got home from my G.I. appointment this afternoon, I went to check my email, and there it was……….right at the top of my inbox—an email from the lab in Massachusetts!!!

Can you guess what that means? 😉

It means appealing is finally over after 6 and a 1/2 weeks, and our insurance has agreed to cover the whole cost of the exome sequencing!!!!!  Ahhhhh!  I can’t stop smilin’! =)  Praise the Lord—all glory goes to Him!!

This lab has been amazing.  If you ever need genetic testing of your DNA, I highly recommend Courtagen!  They’ve been so efficient and compassionate, and they never gave up!  I’m truly blessed to get testing through them.

Sooo, here’s counting down 6 weeks again, but this time, for real. 😉  Now that this is working out, I don’t need a muscle biopsy.  But September will still be a busy month!  I have another 1-hour EMG scheduled, my sleep study, hopefully the spinal tap, and I’ll get the sequencing results, too.

Do you want some more good news?  After waiting over 2 months, my wheelchair will be delivered on Thursday the 22nd!  We get to stay at the beach the following week, and I’m so thankful I’ll have my chair by then.

I’ll be taking a blogging break for a couple weeks but will start it up again the first week of September.  That week I have 4 doctors appointments! :

Praying the rest of your August is blessed!

Until next time!

P.S. At my neuro appointment this past Tuesday, my neurologist told me she’d love to write a letter of recommendation for me to go to med school. 😉  Don’t know what the future holds, but if that dream comes true, that’d be amazingggg!

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