Aug 26, 2020

Hi friends, just wanted to let you know that the IV D10 infusions that I received for 5 days hasn’t helped this mito crash unfortunately, so my primary care dr. is directly admitting me to the hospital tonight. OHSU is filled to capacity sadly, so I’m getting admitted to Hillsboro Medical Center (which has recently joined/partnered with OHSU).


Here are a few things I’m thankful to the Lord for:


1) HMC has all private rooms so that means I don’t have to share one


2) my primary care dr. is so compassionate and caring and has been trying his hardest to help me feel better


3) the hospital pharmacy carries IV N-Acetyl Cysteine and Glutathione which are both antioxidants (we’ve been wanting to try these meds to see if it can help pull me out of this crash).


4) so grateful I don’t have to go to the ER and instead can be directly admitted


Thank you so much for your love and prayers, and I will try to keep you posted. ❤️ This hospital stay will definitely be different as only 1 visitor is allowed per day due to covid. My doctors, physical therapists, and I all think it doesn’t make sense since people are allowed to keep protesting. 🙁

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