Apr 15, 2013

My mom woke me up “early” this morning to tell me we need to pack up because the Ronald McDonald house in Cincy called to tell us they have a room available! 🙂  God is so good.  We get to stay there the whole week!  78 families stay at this house—it’s the 5th largest in the nation.

can you spot Ronald? 😉




RMH grounds 🙂



the huge kitchens


all the colored pins represent all the Ronald McDonald houses in the world!


getting a tour of the house 🙂


our room



RMH gives each patient a welcome bag full of fun things


they also give each patient a homemade quilt!  they sure know how to make me feel welcome. 🙂
standing in line for a yummy Italian dinner—shrimp scampi, baked ziti, salad, and garlic bread!  all the meals are prepared by different families and groups!  so blessed by them!


I had a great, productive Genetics visit.  The dr. thinks something else is going on that’s not a part of EDS/CRPS/POTS.  She thinks I may have a mitochondrial disease…so once I see Neurology and Pain in the next couple days, I’ll get blood drawn to test my mito DNA this week.  How exciting that we may be getting closer to an answer!

Dr. S and me =)

Tomorrow I see Neurology at 12:30 pm!  Hope all of you are having a blessed day! 🙂

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