Jul 23, 2013
It’s been almost 3 weeks since my saliva tube for the exome sequencing got sent off to the lab!!  Counting down 3 more weeks.. 😉  With this new test, the lab can sequence over 1,100 genes!  Being excited is an understatement.  Knowing that there may be even more potential answers is so encouraging.
Look at this picture below.  That, my friends, is what’s in every person’s DNA…!  This picture alone speaks of God’s wisdom and handiwork! 🙂  Getting the chance to have my nuclear DNA sequenced is eye-opening.  I truly serve and worship a great God!
And as I was thinking about this, going through all these health trials is really part of God’s good purpose!  If I didn’t have any of these problems, then I wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn all of this!  I thank the Lord for His plan in my life.  So please don’t wish my life any different. 🙂
This is even better in full screen, so feel free to click this picture. 🙂
The small red box in the first picture is this magnified below:

Isn’t this SOOO fascinating?? =)
Also, if none of my health issues had happened, then I wouldn’t have met this precious little guy back in April at the Ronald McDonald house in Ohio.  I never grow tired of this picture.  Isn’t he the cutest 2 year old ever??
He recently had a bone marrow transplant and is soo brave.
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