Feb 21, 2022

When I created this scene on my iPad, it reminded me of rolling, green hills where a flock of sheep could graze. 🐑

So this verse I lettered from Luke immediately came to mind. Almost 10 whole years ago (September 2012), I was in the ER for left-sided weakness and a left drooping eyelid (this was before I had my mitochondrial disease diagnosis). And my pastor came to visit me in the ER—he shared that comforting verse, and I’ll never forget it. ❤️

I had my endoscopy last week, and sadly, it didn’t give us answers we were hoping for. It mainly just ruled out things. 😢 The problem is, the scope can’t go down far enough and doesn’t even reach the jejunum where my feeding tube is. He did say the medication I’m on can help heal anything that may be down there..

My GI specialist called my surgeon who placed the tube, and they talked about what else could be the issue. The intestinal spasms are so severe that they push my tube in and out which causes horrible pain. 😭 My surgeon told him some patients’ pain can get better with a different kind of tube.. She’s out of town, though, and she’s usually booked out as well, so I have to keep waiting.

Trying to take Jesus’ words above to heart and to “fear not.” This latest trial has been going on for half a year now, and I’m not sure if it will ever end.. But I know God has a plan, and I need to trust Him.

Thank you so much for praying for me. ❤️

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