Dec 5, 2012

Surgery is all over!  Thank you, God, for being with me through it all. 🙂  Although my pain dr. said the post-op pain is nothing like an implant surgery, I’m experiencing the opposite (probably because of my EDS condition and everything else). lol  This pain is so bad, much worse than last year’s.  I bled so much during the surgery, the most my pain dr.’s ever seen for this type of surgery.  My incisions kept oozing.  I actually had to change gowns on the operating table because of all the blood!  My IPG and leads were scarred in so well that it was pretty difficult for my pain dr. to remove them.  Thankfully, he was in the end able to remove everything, but he had to do a lot of yanking, tugging, and pulling. 😉  Which is why I am now having so much pain.  Plus, I felt them suture me back up which was quite an experience!  My back is now a hump from the swelling.  And each incision is very dark and red.  It feels like I got shot twice in the back! x[  Oxycodone isn’t helping much at all. 🙁

Anyway, I hope to get those MRIs this week, but that’s probably not gonna happen cuz insurance has to authorize it which takes a couple of days.

Before surgery


After surgery.  The first time I saw my spinal cord stimulator outside of my body!  Once I have it all cleaned up and stuff, I’ll post a better picture of it. 🙂
Thank you, everyone, for your prayers!  It’s been a tough journey, but God is still so good to me!
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