Dec 11, 2013


Saw cardiology and orthopedics for my POTS disorder and back pain.  Will update some other day about how these appointments went. 🙂
It snowed about 4 more inches this morning here in Cincinnati!  Sooo fun and beautiful.
Had an abdomen x-ray to follow up on this GI test I had this past Thursday called a sitz marker study.  
Saw Pulmonary Medicine once again and went through Part 2 of the pulmonary function test to check lung function/strength.
Was able to do something fun after my appointments and visit the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky!  The oregon coast aquarium in Newport, Oregon pales in comparison! 😉  These white alligators were on display at the one in Kentucky!  Soo weird but amazing!  I’ll try to post a pic when I get home.
Have a super early appointment with the mitochondrial disease specialist and genetic counselor in Genetics.  Will be discussing my nuclear mitochondrial exome sequencing results.
Also have a physical therapy consult in the afternoon at one of Cincinnati Children’s neighborhood locations.
Hopefully GI will be calling with my esophageal, antro-duodenal, and colonic manometry test results.  Bracing myself as the doctors said results can often be normal even when experiencing GI dysmotility..
I hope to update with results tomorrow night!  But if not, then definitely after my appointment with Neurology on Friday.. 🙂
Good night, everyone!
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