Nov 12, 2012

I’d so appreciate your prayers.  Yesterday afternoon, I started getting uncontrollable eye movements (called nystagmus). :'(  It’s like I’m having an earthquake in my head, so I’ve been SO nauseous to the point that I sometimes feel like I have to throw up.  Everytime I look left or right, it literally feels like my eyeballs are oscillating.  Worst experience ever.  I wish I could cut off my head!  And I don’t usually say this, but I feel like crap (sorry, guys).  That’s how bad I feel. x[  Pray that my pain dr. gets a chance to speak with my neurologist today and that he receives my message that I sent him.  I told him I’d like my stimulator taken out before Thanksgiving if at all possible..  Pray that he understands.  I’ve never ever felt this bad before, and that’s saying a lot..

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