Sep 12, 2012

Hi, guys!

Here’s a little update: I’m being referred to see an orthopaedic spine surgeon who has a good knowledge of EDS and CRPS.  Thankfully, I can see him this coming Monday.  My pain doctors aren’t sure yet why I’ve been having a drooping eye and headache until I get some imaging studies done.  An MRI is contraindicated because I have an implant in my back, and my pain dr. doesn’t really want to do a CT scan because of its high dose of radiation on a 19-year old.  So we’ll be discussing this predicament with the orthopaedics dr. 

My pain dr. doesn’t want to do anything for my hand yet until the head/neck problems are more under control.  And I can’t have physical therapy at this moment because of the unknown..

I hope things move along quickly cuz this drooping eye is getting bothersome.. 😉


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