Feb 27, 2015

Hi friends,

This past Monday evening, I started dealing with 100 degree fevers, severe nausea, and headaches.  So my mom called my GI doctor who recommended that we head back to the ER to get blood cultures drawn in case of a line infection.  Can’t catch a break, and ER visits always wipe me out. 🙁  We spent over 8 hours there—the ER was jam packed!  The doctors ordered labs, IV dilaudid, and zofran.  The meds helped a lot.  Thankfully, they couldn’t find signs of infection in my blood, although blood cultures do take a couple days to come back.  They came to the conclusion that this was either a virus or the dysautonomia (autonomic nervous system dysfunction) that I deal with on a daily basis—my body could now be having trouble regulating temperature..

We got home after 6 in the morning on Tuesday, so I’ve been so exhausted!  I did have two appointments yesterday with my surgeon and a new ENT dr.  I had a lot of granulation tissue growing at my j-tube site, so my surgeon used more silver nitrate sticks to burn it off.  The ENT visit went well.  I had a laryngoscopy done—one of the doctors inserted a scope down my nose to look closely at my swallowing muscles and voice box.  My ENT dr. noticed that all the muscles in that area have atrophied a lot, so he thinks this may be what’s causing my chronic cough/swallowing issues.  He ordered another modified barium swallow study with x-ray to be done in 3 weeks.

Here is some good news: I am now off both blood thinners!  I’m so thankful. 🙂  I had a follow up with the anti-coagulation clinic at OHSU on Monday, and the nurse practitioner consulted with one of their hematologists.  They all agree that I’ve been treated long enough for this type of clot.

I have a lot of upcoming appointments next month with Neuro-urology, Neurology, ENT, and GI..  This week has again been rough, but I strive to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and not on all these continuing problems.  One day they will end! 🙂

“Days have come, days have gone
I know one thing’s sure
Hanging on by the words of Your promise, Lord
You are good, You are true
Even in my pain

And I’m thankful for this suffering
‘Cause it’s brought me right here on my knees

~partial lyrics from Perfect Love by Jeremy Camp
Post written byKerissa

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