Sep 15, 2012

Well, friends, I had enough excitement for one day! 😉  This morning, I had to go to the ER at OHSU.  My drooping eye has been getting worse (it’s been horrible), so my mom called my spine surgeon’s office and spoke with a resident dr. on call.  He said that I’d better get checked out because any facial symptoms (like a drooping eye) usually mean something’s going on in the brain.  My ER dr. was super nice! 🙂  He really wanted to do an MRI, but my mom called St. Jude Medical to ask if getting one is really contraindicated, and they said I can’t get one.  If I did, my device would probably malfunction and I’d possibly get an electrical surge through my body from the leads..  So I ended up getting a brain CT scan and a cervical spine CT scan with the lowest amount of radiation possible.  The results show that I didn’t have a stroke. 🙂  That’s good news!  So this rules out one thing, and now I just have to wait till Monday when I see the spine surgeon..  I could have a Chiari Malformation in my brain which is common with EDS (but they don’t show on CT scans), or the cervical spine instability is causing the drooping eye and headache..  My appointment can’t come fast enough!  Thank you so much for your prayers. 🙂

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  • Dear Kerissa,
    Jack and I continue to pray for you. You have had such a sweet countenance through all of this, surely to glorify our Father. We pray that the doctors would have wisdom and that He would heal you. We can ask! Your testimony has been an encouragement to others and reflects the faith you have.

  • Jack and I continue to pray for you. Although we desire for God to be glorified in all this, we also ask for Him to restore your health and remove the pain. You are a testimony of grace and love.

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