Jun 12, 2014

Just in case you don’t already know, we leave for San Diego in 3 days! 😀  My appointment with the mito specialist is in 6 days….muscle biopsy in 9 days!  Can’t believe everything is just around the corner!  It can’t come soon enough, and here’s why:

Long story short, I had yet another ER visit and hospital stay last week.  I was dealing with especially bad nystagmus (uncontrollable, oscillating eye movements…seriously one of the worst symptoms ever!).  I was super nauseated all day Tuesday, and Wednesday, I had a vomiting episode on the way home from physical therapy.  Things went downhill after that, and my neurologist told me to go to the ER.  I had 5 tubes of blood drawn and was given IV zofran, phenergan, reglan, toradol, benedryl, magnesium, lorazepam, cipro, and 3 liters of fluids.  So many IV medications at one time!  All that made me pretty out of it, and honestly, I don’t remember much. 😀  I got admitted to the ER observation unit for two nights because they also found out I had a bladder infection….that’s probably why the nausea and nystagmus got so horrible.

Tomorrow, I’m getting squeezed in to see my neuro-ophthalmologist regarding all that happened last week.

I will try to update sometime after the big mito appointment next week, but I may be having too much fun in San Diego! 😉  Praying the nystagmus and headaches can stay away!

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