Jan 14, 2020
Hi, friends!   My surgery (to replace my j-tube and also remove the vascular malformation in the bottom of my right foot) was originally scheduled to be done outpatient at the O.R. in the OHSU Center for Health and Healing at the South Waterfront.   But, I saw the “pre-op medicine” doctor last week, and after the appointment, she got in touch with the head of Anesthesiology and my surgeon.  Because I went into septic shock and had to go to ICU about 12 hours after my last surgery in 2018, they all agreed that this surgery should be done at the South O.R. up at the [...]
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Oct 27, 2017
Hello friends,   I recently had a long appointment with my urology surgeon at Doernbecher’s.  She explained how this is a very major bladder surgery....and I was so shocked to hear her say that this surgery can last up to 12 hours....(for example, it could start at around 7:30 AM but not end until 7:30 at night)...! :O  It’s so scary to think about, but this surgery is so needed to protect my kidneys/bladder long-term.  I never really described the surgery or even told you what it’s called, but I will try explaining it now.   This surgery is called a [...]
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