Jun 1, 2017
Hello friends,   My family and I got back from CA on Sunday.  It was a super quick trip, but we were able to spend a lot of time together which was so special. :)   Our first two evenings there, I suddenly had terrible nausea and severe muscle weakness to the point that I couldn't lift my arms or even get up to brush my teeth.  All I could do was lay on the hotel bed.  It was even so hard to hold my phone up. :(  I couldn't help crying because it was scary.  This didn't happen at all when my parents and I traveled to San Diego in January.  I hate that I'm getting [...]
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May 18, 2017
Hello friends,   Last week, I had a follow-up with my neurologist.  I wasn't expecting it, but she had a serious talk with me and my mom...  She told me that my mitochondrial disease is progressing, and because there's no cure and no good treatments (except antioxidants, symptom management, etc.), she said there's not much we can do except "keep me comfortable."  I know I've been getting worse medically....I wasn't this bad 2 years ago. :(  But to hear my doctor tell me this was really hard, and I'm still processing all of what she said.  No 24 year old should have to hear [...]
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