Sep 12, 2018
Hey friends,   It's been more than a month since I last posted....and sometimes, no news DOESN'T mean good news. :(  This will be extremely long, but I want to document everything to here goes!   About 24 hours after my hip labral repair surgery on August 10th, I went into septic shock (there are 3 types of sepsis: sepsis which I’ve had twice, severe sepsis, and septic shock).  Everything happened SO fast, and it was so scary and tramautic to experience. :'(  The Rapid Response team was called because my blood pressure got dangerously low, I had a [...]
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Jan 9, 2018
Dear friends,   Happy New Year!!!  I’m very late in posting my annual end-of-the-year “reflections” post, but better late than never, right?! ;)  I didn't get to post this on December 31st like I usually do or even at the very beginning of this year because I was feeling pretty sick from a terrible feeding tube infection (more on that below)....right after that, I caught a bad virus, and both of those together really took its toll.. :(   2017 was the hardest year health-wise, and I know I said the same thing in 2016’s “reflections” post...but each year [...]
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Dec 31, 2016
2016 was a hard year.  The hardest yet.  But as I think back on these last 12 months, I can't help but see the Lord's hand through all of it.  There were so many changes and times of discouragement, but Jesus Christ in His unfailing love went before me every single day and gave me courage to push through.   This year alone, I had: 6 hospital stays 4 ER visits 2 ambulance rides 95 doctor appointments (I had 51 last year) 5 weeks of IV iron [...]
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