Mar 7, 2021
Hi friends, *If you’re wondering why there are random bullet points, my website had an update, and when I press the “enter” button to make new paragraphs, it doesn’t seem to work. So using bullet points is the only thing I could think of to make spaces in between paragraphs. 😅 Anywho, I just wanted to thank you again SO much for your love, prayers, and encouragement these last several weeks. I hope I don’t sound like a “broken record,” but I truly am so grateful for you and your prayers as they helped me through that rough hospital stay. ❤️ For [...]
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Feb 1, 2021
Hi friends,   I would really appreciate your prayers.   It’s been a hard past several weeks.  I’ve been experiencing severe leg pain every day (especially at night....I’m not able to fall asleep until after 3 AM every night).  We thought it was due to my ferritin being low, so my GI specialist ordered 2 IV iron infusions.   But then, after looking at my weekly lab work, we saw that my blood calcium level has been continuing to drop (this is called hypocalcemia).  Hypocalcemia causes “neuromuscular irritability,” so my legs have been aching [...]
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