May 20, 2016
I'm sitting here in my naturopathic physician's clinic, receiving IV alpha lipoic acid which is what my pain dr. and mito specialist recommended.  So I thought I'd post a short update. :)  This is my third time here....last week, the ND gave me IV glutathione with taurine and B12.  But so far, I haven't noticed any benefit..  It's a blessing that this dr. is so close to our home. :)  Not sure how often I'll be able to see him because it's very expensive.  I asked him if he's had any mitochondrial disease patients, and he said no.  He does know about it and how bad it [...]
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Apr 28, 2016
Hello friends,   Last week, I saw my general surgeon who changed my jejunostomy feeding tube to a new one.  The replacement was so painful, and it's done while you're awake!  Basically, the doctors pull the old tube out of the stoma (hole) in my small intestine and stuff a new one in. ;)  Glad that's over!  My feeding tube is nice and new now. :)  They didn't have my tube size in stock, so we decided to try a smaller size....and it's soo much better!  The raw skin around my tube site is now healing which is a huge blessing!   All the iron labs that my GI [...]
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